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Lamb in bag.jpgCaused by:  Bacteria – Campylobacter fetus or jejuni

How is the disease spread / Information:  The carrier is sheep - Ewes (more commonly in goats) which become infected by the organism and especially those in late pregnancy, after a short incubation period where lambs may e carried to full term lambs are born dead, some may be born alive but are VERY weak and may/often die.

Appearance of the abortion:  Dead lambs or very weak. The ewe will appear OK.

Treatment: None ? Antibiotics are mostly not effective.  There is no vaccine available for this disease.

Prevention:  Investigate via the vet. Keep aborted ewes and these may be mixed with NON PREGNANT replacements and ewes to allow them to develop immunity.

How to control the disease: Discuss with your vet a plan to reduce the risk of infection and manage the disease.

Measures to take when abortions occur

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