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About Us

VSM Ltd was founded in 1988 the objective of the company is to service the Animal Health Industry and supply the needs of vets, farmers, horse and pet owners.

Our company founded in 1988; Sources, manufactures and supplies various items of equipment such as instruments and disposable items needed for use by the Veterinary surgeons. Over the past 12 years the focus has changed to support the needs of Animal Health Companies both veterinary and trade outlets who are involved with farmers, horse and pet owners.

These items are generally exclusive to VSM Ltd and used to assist in the administration of various products:

  • Paste and liquids for hollow dosing bits for horses - Easywormers versions MK1 and MK2 (
  • Pharmaceutical presentations of drugs for dogs - EasyDoser - Tablet applicator for dog tablets
  • A veterinary obstetric instrument - ‘Metricheck' - used by vets to check cows for Endometritis infections (whites)
  • Award winning Milk sampling kits (Intervet) used for freezing milk samples from cows with mastitis.
  • Hysolv-FootCheck (patented June 2011) - A NEW and innovative calibrated footbath for disinfectants used for farm biosecurity in Pig and Poultry farms
  • The latest edition to the product range launched in July 2011 - EasiPlanner - A Flock Health Planner

Our aim is to support the animal health industry and farmers with new ideas and aid in the effective management and prevention of disease which affect production, performance and profitability.

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