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Flock Health Plans

A flock health plan should cover all aspects of management including husbandry, especially items such as foot care, condition scoring, dagging, even worming the sheep dogs. All those jobs you may unintentionally put off, if you have to do remedial work it is inconvenient, costly, inefficient and above all likely to causes a loss in production reduced performance and inevitably affect profitability!

A health plan also needs to encompass all the preventative measures such as routine vaccination and worming and parasite control, all these need to be recorded in any case, especially so if you are part of an assurance scheme these records are usual a requirement. A good opportunity to review expenditure and without taking risks refine or improve there use.

In many systems, the flock is considered as a whole unit, this is fine. As with anything living thing variations between animals exist which although can generally treated as ‘one', may for instance be more appropriate to treat them differently in groups. E.g. getting the most out of vaccines, particularly those in the pre-lambing period where with a little more appreciation may afford better protection to the lambs. This would of course need close management to so that those lambing later could be managed differently without the risk of forgetting and in some respects make groups easier to control.

A comprehensive health plan in conjunction with good record keeping will help identify areas which need attention and hopefully make a difference.

EasiPlanner is simple to use and fully flexible, the universal design caters for all production systems and is customised to suit your own particular needs.

  • More control and prevention of problems before they occur.
  • Getting the most value out of vaccines and medicines being used.
  • Making improvements to existing systems i.e. condition scoring and vaccination timings.
  • Better timing, easing work load without jeopardising important aspects of husbandry.
  • Fully customisable to suit your annual production cycle/calendar year
  • Manage and monitor all aspects of flock management/husbandry and preventative measures required to look after your flock
  • High quality Wallplanner format (A1)
  • Sets of self-adhesive labels which can be repositioned for ease if necessary.
  • Simple to use and suits all flock sizes
  • Comes complete in a useful storage tube for retention as a written health plan
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