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SalmonellaCaused by:  Bacteria – Salmonelae (various strains)

How is the disease spread / Information:  Via infected stock, contaminated feed, housing which has been occupied by other species which carry the disease including cattle, pigs and poultry , birds and vermin!. Pasture which has been contaminated with the faeces of animals carrying the disease.

Appearance of the abortion:  Dead lambs / aborted. The ewe will appear ill.

Treatment: In-feed medication? Antibiotics ? Discuss with your vet

Prevention:  Consider improving biosecurity measures e.g. disinfection of buildings prior to housing if there is evidence that infected stock to reduce or eliminate the presence of the disease. Keep feed bins covered. Isolate suspected cases and investigate the cause.

How to control the disease: Difficult - discuss with your vet a plan to reduce the risk of infection and manage the disease.

Measures to take when abortions occur

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